skateboarding bai


why are you all freaking out about 5sos having a book? Lot’s of celebrities have a book out. Pete Wentz has a book out and he’s not told he’s marketing himself like a boy band 

Pete Wentz’s book wasn’t about FOB though, it was about him as an individual and his struggles so technically it’s not the same to compare with the 5SOS book which is about the band js


parents when they can’t get a hold of you: “i called TWICE AND YOU DIDN’T PICK UP”

me when i can’t get a hold of my parents: “I BROKE MY LEG. I CALLED UR CELL 11 TIMES, UR WORK PHONE 7 TIMES, AND SENT YOU 23 TEXTS, AND NO RESPONSE”

my parents: “wow sorry i was busy”

so i got into uni on the course that i wanted (chemistry) and im one step closer to leaving england and moving to aus to do whatever i want with my life yaaassss


Marc Jacobs F/W 2010-11


wtf is wrong with the world???? people are still being attacked/killed over their skin colour, people are dying in wars around the world, people are planning fucking real life purges and robin williams is dead



Juun J. SS15

This is everything.


when your mom is yelling at you to do more chores while you’re doing chores and you’re there like